Snapseed Download for Windows PC (Official App)

Here’s to Download Snapseed For Windows PC for Free!

Do you enjoy editing photos on your PC? If you would like to go to any length to edit quality photos, you should start using Snapseed on your computer. When you start as a photo editor, you like to cover all your basics. But over some time, it is about how you can get better with things. If you need photo filters, good functionality, and advanced features, there are very few options as good as Snapseed for Windows PC. 

SnapSeed Download for Windows PC

Download Snapseed App

Name Snapseed
Supported Platforms Android, Windows PC, & Mac
Last Updated August 2022
Version v2.19.1.303051424
Category Photo Editing Tool
Installs 300,000+ (monthly)


The first thing that we are going to discuss Snapseed for Windows PC is how you can download it for the system. Here are the steps that you should follow to go forward with the download process carefully: 

  • The first and the most obvious thing to do is to open a browser on your computer. It can be any browser as long as it’s safe. We would recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 
  • In the next step, you have to search for an Android emulator. You can search for BlueStacks since it is considered the safest Android emulator for PC. Since Snapseed is primarily meant for Android devices and you cannot use it on Windows PC directly, you will have to take the help of BlueStacks to run the application. 
  • You should make the download of BlueStacks through its official website. We have also provided you with the link for the latest version of BlueStacks here. 
  • Once you have completed the download of BlueStacks, the next thing to do is to download Snapseed. 
  • We have given the link to download the latest version of Snapseed for PC. With its help, you will be able to use the best version of this application with a maximum number of features. 

Snapseed App Features

It is packed with a bunch of exciting features. We are going to talk about its features one by one here so that you understand how useful it can be to download and install this application on your device: 

  1. There are automatic as well as manual enhancements available on this platform. You can use either of the two options to edit and improve your photos. If you like automatic enhancement, you can use it and there won’t be any special requirement to use it as well. But if you want to customize the enhance as per your will, manual enhance would be a better option in regards to Snapseed for Windows PC. 
  2. There are 29 intelligent tools available to edit the photos and make the most out of them. Some of these tools include HDR, brush, healing, perspective, and more. So if you want to make your edits from a different perspective altogether, this application is going to work wonders for you. Over some time, you’re bound to get better with its use. 
  3. You can modify the styles as much as possible. If you need the styles to work your way, you would require full freedom in terms of modification. That’s exactly what you need when you download and install Snapseed for Windows PC. 
  4. The enhancement tools and color accuracy can bring more details to the photos. If you think the original version and its quality are not good enough, the enhancement tools and color accuracy is going to be great to bring the details and amazingly edit the pictures. 
  5. The white-balanced tool available on Snapseed is quite interesting too. When you use it, you have the chance to improve shadows and natural color will also be created at the same point in time. 
  6. You can remove unwanted details from a picture like a stranger suddenly passed by or a garbage can that should not be there. So if you don’t like anything about the original pic and want to get rid of it, Snapseed for Windows PC will come to the rescue all the time. 
  7. If you’re into fashion photography and selfies and you need a photo editor to work for such kinds of photos perfectly, this is the right platform. You have the feature of Glamour Glow which is meant to make some highlights on the project. 

These are only some of the features that we have talked about here. Snapseed for Windows PC is packed with many more benefits too. It is a fantastic photo editor that is going to serve you in the times to come. There are so many layers to this application. 

How To Install Snapseed App And Use On Windows 

If you have followed the steps to download BlueStacks and Snapseed properly, it is time to know how to install them on your device. This whole step-by-step process works very simply too, just like the download process. Let’s see how it works: 

  • Now that you have downloaded and installed BlueStacks, you just need to launch it. Double-click on the icon of BlueStacks to open it. When you use it for the very first time, the platform will give you all kinds of instructions. So you will have to wait until you can start the actual work.
  • If you haven’t downloaded Snapseed from the link we have given above, you can do so through Google Play Store on BlueStacks. 
  • Search for Snapseed and make sure that the latest version of the application is downloaded and installed on your PC. 

Snapseed App Download for Windows PC for Free

  • The next thing to do is to open the application on BlueStacks and start enjoying it as much as possible. 

As you can see the download, as well as installation process, writes itself. You should note that you need to open BlueStacks every time you would like to use Snapseed on your PC. 


Aaron Smith

“I have always been fond of photo editors on my PC. Having used different photo editors in the past, I must say that Snapseed is quite different from the lot. It has a wide scope to offer to those who want to leave no stone unturned in editing the photos. It gives you a professional feel as you get a chance to blend photos through different blend modes here. There are various effects to bring a top-notch quality to the pictures. Moreover, adding texts, clip arts, and more photos is ever so simple. I would highly recommend it to all the users out there who are interested to edit their photos.” 

Jack Hardy

“I was a bit skeptical about the use of Snapseed initially. Having used Adobe Photoshop for a long time, I wanted something different that works out well for me. I have to say that Snapseed took me by surprise in a lot of regards. This application is packed with amazing features. You get to edit RAW files too and save them without any damage and even export them to JPG with a high-quality equivalent. There are plenty of intelligent tools available to play with your artistic side. I have spent hours and hours working on the same pictures on Snapseed and there’s something new to offer by the platform. This application has plenty of layers!” 

Treyvon Jr.

“I am someone who likes to add layers and layers to the photos with the help of photo editing. With a variety of photo filters available on Snapseed, I have been able to achieve the task successfully. From modifying the brightness to white balance to curve adjusting capabilities to beautification features to photo layering, this application has tons of scope to offer to its users. I didn’t have to work too hard to download and install it to my PC either. I have been using it for months but there’s something new about this platform each time I open it on the computer. This application is worth checking out for all the photo editing lovers!” 


Q1: Is it safe to download and install Snapseed to your PC? 

Yes, it is completely safe to download and install this application on your PC. You need to install BlueStacks first and download and install Snapseed through Google Play Store on BlueStacks. If you follow these steps carefully, it will be 100% safe. 

Q2:  Can I edit photos with advanced tools on Snapseed on PC? 

Yes, there are plenty of advanced tools available that will add more and more layers to your edits. When you use this platform for Android, it’s a little difficult to use the tools to their best extent. But when you start using this platform on a PC, it is much easier and more comfortable to use the tools precisely and edit your pictures with full freedom. 

Q3: Why is Snapseed considered one of the best photo editors out there? 

It is because it has plenty of quality features to offer to its users. To start with, you have over 29 intelligent tools to keep your artistic side fueled including HDR, brush, healing, perspective, and more. The platform supports JPG files, PNG, and RAW as well. You can tweak the photos as per your will without any restrictions. 

Conclusion: Snapseed App Download for Windows PC for Free

To sum it up, you will have a great time using Snapseed for PC. It is a free application and considering the features that it boasts, there’s no reason why you should use some other photo editor on your Windows computer. Download and install the latest versions of BlueStacks as well as Snapseed and the photo editing experience will be off the charts!