What Are The 5 Basics Of Photo Editing? 

Photo editing can be taken up differently by different people. For someone, it can be a means of living as well. You just need to ensure that you achieve that professional status as an editor to make money out of it. But most people want to make random edits for fun. Now that social media has become such a phenomenon, posting edited photos is a routine job for most users. Therefore, it becomes important to understand some of the basics of photo editing. 

Basics Of Photo Editing

We are going to discuss 5 of the key elements in photo editing here. We will take a look at them one by one: 

Cropping The Images 

The first and most basic part of photo editing is to crop the images. You need to know how to straighten the pictures. When you’re available with the final cut, things shouldn’t look odd by any means. It’s always better to pay attention to be sure your horizon is horizontal when you shoot. By cropping the images, you can improve minor compositional details, like distracting elements at the edge of the frame or repositioning your subject slightly. When you’re outside, it also becomes necessary to have a spot-removing tool. So even if it is a dusty place, you don’t need to worry about things later. 

Adjust Exposure and Contrast 

This is a crucial part of photo editing. You have to ensure that the exposure and contrast of the picture are not too much for its good. By adjusting the exposure, you will be able to make the photo exactly as bright or dark as you want. You can also adjust the contrast in the same lines. If you want to keep a dark tone, keep it that way. If you would like to make things light, you can adjust that way as well. 

Adjust The White Balance 

Another thing that you need to focus on is adjusting the white balance. White balance relates to colour levels, not exposure levels. There are times when the overall colour of the picture might not seem pleasing to you. In that case, you can adjust the white balance for the better good. You should try to adjust the RAW files as the white balance can be adjusted effectively here. If you do so on JPG files, the adjustment might not work all that well. 

Adjust Color Vibrancy and Saturation 

Another important aspect of photo editing is to adjust Color Vibrancy and Saturation. You can work on it straight after adjusting the white balance. When you increase vibrancy, it also increases the colour intensity in neutral colour tones and maintains colour intensity in brighter colours. In case you would like to make colours through the frame more intense, you can adjust the saturation. You can adjust both aspects and things are going to look impressive. 

Adjust Sharpness 

Last but not the least, you can adjust the sharpness of the edits as well. It is about giving your pictures a crisper and neat look. It wouldn’t be possible normally so you will have to adjust the sharpness and increase it further. Begin by adjusting the overall amount of sharpness on a scale of 0 to 100. If you want to have more sharpness, you can keep it above 50. In case you want to have a lower sharpness, you can go below 50. It is a very simple thing to do. 

By looking into these 5 aspects of photo editing, you’re going to ensure making some fun edits. So keep all these things in mind and we are sure that you will make some edits that make you proud of yourself! 

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