If you like to edit photos on your device, Snapseed should be one of the best options in front of you. This application has plenty of great features to make it one of the most reliable platforms for editing photos. We will discuss the pros as well as cons of using Snapseed. The application has plenty of scopes and there’s no doubt about it. But it has its fair share of downsides too.

We will look at both aspects and see if this photo editing software is worth trying or not: 

The Pros 

Let’s discuss the positive side of using Snapseed first. As we have said, it has numerous advantages to offer to its users. We are going to talk about the pro side in detail here: 

  • The best part about using Snapseed is that it is completely free of cost. So when you download and install it to your device, you don’t have to pay any price to start using it. Most popular photo editing software come for a hefty price. You don’t have to suffer from the same concern while using Snapseed on your device. If you’re low on funds, there will be no better place to edit photos on your device. 
  • No matter if you’re an amateur or a professional photo editor, Snapseed is going to work either way. It is a platform that has been built keeping the objectives of all kinds of users in mind. So an amateur photo editor can understand the basics of photo editing quite comfortably. At the same point in time, a professional photo editor can use its amazing features to make the neatest and most professional edit. 
  • Snapseed can edit RAW files too. This is very difficult in most of the other photo editing apps. It can be quite irritating too since the RAW version of a photo is considered to be its best version. This will give you true control over the look and feel of your photos. You can edit photos based on a completely RAW file and you can enhance it further. If you’re editing for professional reasons, you’re going to find this feature very important. Snapseed makes sure that you can deal with RAW files as per your own will. 
  • Another good aspect about using Snapseed is that there are no advertisements here. Isn’t that a huge relief? Most normal photo editing apps come with advertisements time and again. It pleases no one while making an edit. When you’re completely hooked to the editing experience and an advertisement drops out of nowhere, it can kill your whole mood. The good thing is that Snapseed won’t trouble you with advertisements at all. 
  • This platform comes to you with several professional-grade presets, and editing tools. If you’re new to photo editing, you might not know exactly how the job needs to be done. With the help of these presents and editing tools, half the job will be already done for you. 

The Cons 

We talked about how Snapseed is a quality photo-editing platform in many ways. Now we need to talk about its demerits too. Let’s go: 

  • The platform is considered a bit difficult to use initially. Since it is packed with a huge bunch of features, it can be difficult to understand it early on. But since the graphic-user interface is really good, you won’t find it troublesome for long. 
  • You have to be vigilant about saving your work, as the options included are not very intuitive. There are times when you work extremely hard on a project and it doesn’t get saved to your device at all. That feeling is not good and we completely understand it. 
  • While there’s an option to share videos on social media platforms, it is not as smooth as you would expect from a platform like Snapseed. The developers should work on making these options more clear than they are right now. 

We have talked about the limitations of Snapseed but it’s fair to say that the pro side is far more dominant. There are very few photo-editing platforms that offer you features like Snapseed. On top of that, you don’t have to pay any price to use it on your device. The platform is safe and has a slick graphic user interface. You’re going to fall in love with it the minute you start using this application!