Which Is Better: Lightroom Or SnapSeed 

When it comes to photo editing, there are different quality applications that you can use on your Android device. Two of the safest platforms that you can use on your device are Lightroom and Snapseed. Both of these applications have found a great audience and are two of the most talked about photo editing apps for Android devices. Since you can use only one at a time, you must be curious to understand which one is better. We are going to pick a few points and see which one of the two applications is better in those given points.

 lightroom or snapseed which is better

Let’s take a look at it: 

User Interface 

The first and most obvious thing to talk about is the user interface. As long as the interface of an application is good, you will have a good time with it. Snapseed has a minimal interface and you would instantly get along with it. The developers have ensured that people don’t find it hard to use their platform. They have tried their level best to come up with an application that is easy to use. This is not the same case with Lightroom. This is an application that comes with a non-intuitive UI. In case you haven’t used Adobe before in your life, you will have a lot of trouble using this platform. 

Handling RAW images 

If you want to deal with RAW images more, you need a platform that can have nice control over such images. Both apps support RAW image editing. You can edit these images in a lot of different ways based on what you desire to bring out of the edits. But Lightroom is ahead of Snapseed in handling RAW images. So when you click a picture through Lightroom, it will be clearer without using any filter. So if you need photo editing software to deal with RAW images solely, you should go with Lightroom instead of Snapseed. 


The next thing to keep in mind is the pricing. If you need to make edits for professional reasons, you won’t mind paying some price for it. But in case you’re still new yet want to understand how editing works, you wouldn’t like to pay a single penny. In case you don’t want to spend anything on a particular app, you should start using Snapseed. It is a platform that’s completely free to use. In the case of Lightroom, the prices start at 5$ a month, which is expensive; most people wouldn’t opt for that. So in this case, Snapseed is ahead of its competition. 


The most important part to discuss is the features. Once you know which platform has better features, the decision to choose one of the platforms will become quite simple. If we talk about Snapseed, there are plenty of features available on this platform and there’s no doubt about it. But the editing options here are cluttered and vaguely distributed. The developers haven’t neatly provided features. So people might find it hard to go through these features and get to know about each one of them. However, we cannot deny some of its real quality features like Double exposure, expanding a picture, and HDR. These features are not available in Lightroom. But one thing that the developers of Lightroom have made sure of is to give more control to the users. It allows users to make edits with full freedom. On Snapseed, most of the process is automatic and the scope for customization is low. 

In case you want to make professional edits neatly, Lightroom should get a nod. But if you need to learn to edit first and want to use a simple-to-use and free platform, Snapseed is ahead! 

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